Close collaboration with our customers

The optimization and research of productivity are our permanent objectives.

Study/ Co-design of parts with a close collaboration with the customer on project industrialization and feasibility.

Parts stacking (materials handling and logistic gain).

Limitation of assembly operations by multi-materials injection moulding

Automation of assembly and control tools.


Co-Design & Feasability Study


Galalitum has an industrialization department with multiple skills (mechanical, plastic, automation…) allowing the realization of studies upstream of the production.

  • Advice and support so that our experience can benefits you
  • Analysis of the using environment of the part.
  • Analysis of the specifications.

A project managers team with multiple skills in our field.

  • A constant technological watch.
  • Proposing innovative and optimized technical solutions.

Critical examination of the design of products and associated processes for analysis and definition, according to the risks (FMECA).


Technical Proposition: In order that our knowledge simplify your projects


An industrialization team equipped with CAO software (5 stations SolidWorks) and a rheological modeling system to design of the parts.

The evolution of our software Mold flow MPA to MPI with the objective to identify the risks by simulation of injection moulding, to analyze and optimize the design, to improve injection conditions and create reliable process.

Anticipation of materials impact, process, design, aspect and deformity.