Our Business


Galalitum is specialized in thermoplastic injection moulding, and automatic assembly systems, in technical and esthetic parts for average and large series.

Our company orientation characterized towards to the success of your projects:

  • Upstream listening and present for your projects: Design support,
  • Reactivity and availability face to your technical needs,
  • Our commitment to respect your technical, quality and logistics requirements
  • Our desire to be more competitive

Equipments and Services


  • An engineering office (Designing, rheological simulation, followed and implementation tools : molds, assembly and controls machines).
  • Machine park of 17 injection press between 50 to 430 tons.
  • Production through automatic assembly and control systems developed by our team,
  • Assembly workshop (ultrasound welding, pad printing,melt rotation)
  • Logistic service: anticipation, communication, international management, etc.

Our Know-How


Galalitum offer global services, supported by regular investments according to our needs

  • Regular investments and permanent training to ensure our productivity.
  • Products and materials knowledge to respect the critical points previously defined.
  • Planning management by production schedule associated to a time real follow in our Workshop (Production follow by Cyclades software).
  • A maintenance team structured for Molds and Tools maintenance.


  • Upstream and downstream anticipation to satisfy your purchase orders.
  • Continuously communication.
  • Management of internal flows.
  • Adaptation to our customers constraints.
  • Manage international shipments.

Injection presses of 50 to 430 tons.

mono, bi- and tri-material injection moulding

Automatic assembly systems

Production with automatic assembly and control systems developed by our engineering team.

Assembly workshop

Subsets assembly, pad printing, ultrasound welding

Business Markets

Present in different markets: electrical, automation, automotive, cosmetic.

Export Market


Home Automation