October is our training month !

Oct 17, 2022

As part of our development strategy to continuously improve our skills, many employees of Galalitum are in training during October 2022.

Two Project managers and one of our Specific Tools technician have followed the Magelis and Vijeo Designer HMI training provided by Schneider, with the objective of being able to create and setup an HMI application with the Vijeo Designer software, according to specifications.

Our Quality coordinator and our Logistics manager have followed the Logistics Audit and Evaluation training with the MMOG/LE V5 global reference system.

Our maintenance team continues to follow the PMV2 training, dispensed by Sepro, in order to master the analysis and electrical repairs of our robots.

At the same time, our mold maintenance department is following a Tooling Maintenance & Support training with Consilhom to consolidate our skills in this field.

Finally, two Project managers and one of our Specific Tools technician ill follow the APETH training by Schneider to program automation communication functions on an Ethernet network.

These trainings are possible thanks to the support of Opco2i and allow us to guide our teams in the successful development of new skills.